Ash Wednesday

February 26, 2020 PBC 0 Comments

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, a period of 40 days leading up to Good Friday & Easter, focused on spiritual devotion, fasting, and prayer. The name comes from the practice of putting ashes upon the forehead and is often associated with confession and repentance. It is a big day in the calendar for many Catholics and Anglicans.

While we don’t emphasize this day as religiously as others, it can be a great tool for 2 key aspects of our faith: 1) Growth and 2) Evangelism.

1) Growth – Fasting, prayer, and meditation on Scripture are always good ideas and Ash Wednesday gives you a framework and timeline to be intentional about these practices.

  • Here’s a FREE DEVOTIONAL that guides you through the 40 Days of Lent leading up to Easter. The study is gospel-centered and widely used, and I personally know the author and can recommend.

2) Evangelism – Ash Wednesday is a well-known day and practice so it provides an open door to talk about Jesus. I saw people with ashes on their forehead and heard about it on the news a couple times just this morning. Any time our culture is talking about church or God, it’s an opportunity for us to proclaim the gospel and invite others to church.

  • Share this Ash Wednesday Blog on social media or with a friend as a brief and concise explanation of what this day and Lent are all about.
  • Start up a conversation at work or in your neighborhood.
  • Invite someone to go through the Free Devotional with you.
  • Invite someone to church on Sunday or (early) invite them to Good Friday (April 10th) and Easter (April 12th) at Phoenix Bible Church.