If you are sick or vulnerable in any way (see, we encourage you to consider joining the group via Zoom. In addition, for those who don’t feel comfortable gathering, we completely understand and encourage you to consider joining the group via Zoom as well. For those that do gather, here is a list of recommendations to do so in a healthy and hospitable way:

1. No one present is sick or has any reason to think they have been exposed to COVID-19. If anyone is sick or has reason to think they have been exposed, they should stay home and not attend your group.

2. Shared surfaces are disinfected before and after the meeting.

3. Everyone washes their hands thoroughly (more than 20 seconds) upon arrival and upon returning to their home.

4. Food and drink are served individually, rather than in a shared “potluck style” format.

5. As much distance as possible is maintained between members of your gathering. (This means spread out the seating arrangements, at a larger distance than will probably feel natural to most people).


While our primary gatherings are spent discussing the sermon and passage from Sunday, here is a list of creative ways to go above and beyond as you seek to connect, serve, and grow as a community group.

Theme It Up!

Assign a theme to your gathering. “Favorite Hat Day” (Throw on your favorite hat) OR “Living Room Fort Day” (Zoom from your homeade/living room fort or with it in view). Take a vote on who had the best hat, fort, etc.

Take-Out Tour

Everyone order in from their favorite local restaurant, but don’t share which restaurant in advance. Once you meet, share what you ordered and the top 3 reasons it’s your go-to meal/restaurant.

Plan a Group Outing (for when the Stay At Home order is lifted)

  • Where will you go? (Sedona, Grand Canyon, Beach, Local Mountain or Attraction (Bowling, TopGolf, Park)
  • What will you do? (Hiking, Swimming, Picnic, Volleyball etc)
  • What will you need to pack? (warm or winter clothes, water bottle, backpack etc)
  • Where will you eat on the way? (Pick your favorite road trip restaurants)

Guy/Girl Time

Have a guys night and girls night once a month. Have each person share their best and worst moments from the previous week. Each person volunteer to pray for another person throughout that week and send at least one form of communication (call, text, email).

CG Serve

  • Write out encouraging cards/notes for another community group, PBC Leadership, local nursing home, Phoenix Christian School Elementary Teachers, or other. Involve the kids in the group by having them draw/color/paint something to send as well.
  • Do a Drive-by Parade for someone in the group or the church who has experienced a difficult time. Make fun posters with bible verses, words of encouragment, and put together a care package to drop off.
  • Combine your efforts to drop off a load of food at St Mary’s Food Bank. If you’re healthy, consider serving for an hour one week (take necessary precautions including social distancing, gloves, masks, hand-sanitizer etc).
  • Have each person in the group contribute to a gift card (Restaurant, Grocery Store, etc) that would bless a neighbor, a family who recently had a baby, or someone who is going through a difficult time.

Game Night

Play Bingo, Scattergories, Pictionary, Charades, or another Zoom friendly game.

You Pick (PBC Sermon)

Each person picks a PBC sermon from the last 6 months that challenged or encouraged them in a unique way. The group goes around and shares the following: the big idea of the sermon, the verse or verses from the sermon, and how it was personally impactful for you. 

Micro Groups

Make it more personal by breaking up into smaller groups of 4-6. Share faith stories, little known facts about you, etc. Change it up and sync over FaceTime, Conference Call, or other Non-Zoom format.

Community Group Crossover

Have your group meet with another group digitally. Introduce yourselves, play a short game of trivia between groups, and share best practices for your weekly gatherings.

Catch Up & Pray

You don’t always have to do an elaborate study. Don’t underestimate the power of connection and prayer. Share your highs and lows from the week and pray for each other. 

Read Through a Book of the Bible Out Loud

Pick a book of the Bible book to read out loud together. Each person reads a portion. Introduce the book with a video from The Bible Project.

1 Verse

Share your favorite verse or “life verse” with the group and why it’s important to you. If you don’t have one, come up with one that week!