Communion from Home


As part of our Online Service, we invite you to experience Communion in your home. While we can’t replicate being together, the instructions below are designed to help you have an impactful Communion experience.


Communion is the regular remembrance and celebration of the Jesus’ sacrificial death in our place, for our sin. The breaking and eating of bread has to do with Christ’s body being broken on the cross. The wine or grape juice has to do with the shedding of Christ’s blood. (Luke 22:19-20, 1 Corinthians 11:23-24)


Before the service begins, gather the elements for Communion:

  • Crackers, pita or any bread without yeast (while these options are consistent with the precedent set in the New Testament, if you don’t have them, regular bread will be fine as well)
  • Grape Juice or Wine

    Following Pastor Tim’s sermon, take a few moments for prayer, confession, and repentance. Here is an example of repentance from Psalm 51 you can follow and even pray to God directly:

    Have mercy on me, O God, in your faithful love, in your great tenderness wipe away my offences; wash me thoroughly from my guilt, purify me from my sin.For I am well aware of my offences,my sin is constantly in mind.Against you, you alone, I have sinned,I have done what you see to be wrong,God, create in me a clean heart,renew within me a resolute spirit,do not thrust me away from your presence,do not take away from me your spirit of holiness. Restore to me the joy of your salvation.

    When you are ready, partake of the Communion elements.


    Communion is meant for those who have placed their faith in Jesus’ life, death, & resurrection for forgiveness of sin and new life. If you’ve never done this, take this time to talk to Jesus and place your faith in Him. While a prayer or specific recitation of certain words doesn’t save you, the repentance and faith behind this prayer example is a good guide.

    Jesus, I believe that you lived, died, and resurrected in my place, for my sin. I confess my sin to you and ask that you forgive me and grant me new life in your grace. Empowered by your Spirit, help me to follow you all of my days. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    If you just gave your life to Jesus, know we are praising God with you! Please take a moment to fill out our Connect Card so we can help you take next steps to grow in your faith.