Every Sunday at Phoenix Bible Church, we gather online for the Living Room.On the Living Room page, you’ll find resources to do an at-home church service. This page also contains resources for PBC Youth and PBC Kids, songs to sing, scriptures to read and a video sermon from Pastor Tim. You can view Pastor Tim’s sermons on our YouTube channel, Facebook page or Instagram IGTV as well.


Community remains a vital aspect of life at Phoenix Bible Church. It’s also vital as a follower of Jesus. We encourage you to experience a  “DIGITAL GROUP” gathering via platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype, and others.

If you’re not currently plugged into a Community Group at PBC, we’d love to help you get connected. Fill out this form and we’ll have you meeting people in no time!

Here are a few fun and impactful ways to connect:

  • Play a board game together over video chat
  • Share prayer requests, a playlist of your favorite worship songs, takeaways from the sermon, bible verses via GroupMe, Text and Social Media.
  • Hold a short discussion using the sermon questions with others through FaceTime or Skype.
  • Call a friend to discuss what God’s teaching you and pray together over the phone. 
  • Send a meal or care package (via services like Door Dash or Knack) to a person or family in your group, in our church, or in your neighborhood.


Looking for ways to make a difference during this unprecedented time? Here’s a list of things we’d encourage you to do to help Love Move in Central Phoenix.

Give Blood
There is a critical need for blood and platelets in this time. Head to the Red Cross Website to learn more about donating blood and donation locations. 

Love Our Neighbors at Phoenix Christian School
There are around 500 faculty + families right across the street from us at Phoenix Christan School. We are in the process of finding out the best ways to serve their families in need and will keep you posted. Email with any questions.

Sew Masks
Consider sewing masks for people who may need them.
You can find instructions to sew masks HERE.
You can find information for donating masks HERE.
Reach out to our PBC Kids Director Sarah Johnson if you have any questions.

St Mary’s Food Bank
Our food banks are being quickly depleted because of the massive demand. 
Consider reaching out to St Mary’s to volunteer time or donate food.

Support Local Restaurants
Arizona restaurants have been hit hard from social distancing regulations.
Support your favorite local spots in Central Phoenix by ordering take-out or delivery.
Make it special by having it on a specific night of the week (e.g. Friday Night Date Night)

Gift Card Drop Off
Purchase a grocery story gift card from Fry’s or Trader Joe’s and drop it off at someone’s house who needs it. Make it special and leave flowers too (or Lysol wipes).

Online Giving + Benevolence Fund
If you are a part of Phoenix Bible Church, the mission still relies on your generous financial support. If you haven’t already, consider moving your giving online. You can GIVE ONLINE HERE. In addition, consider offering to help or asking for help through our Benevolence Fund. Email for next steps.