Sex Is A Gift

October 30, 2015 PBC 0 Comments

Sexual purity seems to be an elusive trait in our culture. The word “virgin” evokes the scoffers, doubters, and haters. When…

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PBC Culture: Love Moves

October 15, 2015 PBC 0 Comments

I remember when the song, “How He Loves” first became popular. We would sing it all the time in churches and…

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PBC Culture: Everything Matters

August 18, 2015 PBC 0 Comments

“15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. 16For by him all things were created,…

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PBC Culture: Family

August 6, 2015 PBC 0 Comments

Empathy has not been a strength for me in my life. The church small groups that I have been a part…

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Peace In A Person

June 1, 2015 PBC 1 Comment

In our journey to plant a church in Phoenix, my family and I have moved across the country each of the…

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The Way Of Wisdom

May 13, 2015 PBC 0 Comments

It’s interesting as a pastor and just in life, the majority of the questions I get when you boil it all…

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