#Prayer (not just a hashtag)

January 16, 2018 PBC 0 Comments

The idea of prayer is popular (“thoughts & prayers”, all the hashtags #prayfor_____), but the power and practice of prayer is often lacking. How would 2018 be different if you walked in the power and provision of God through prayer? How will it be the same as every year if you don’t?

1/14 Power of Prayer – James 5:13-18
1/21 Path of Prayer –¬†Matt 6:9-13
1/28 Persistence of Prayer – Luke 18:1-8
2/4 Peace of Prayer – Phil 4:4-7

In this 4 part series we’ll learn what Scripture has to say about the power and practice of prayer. We’ll also go through a corresponding 21 day prayer and fasting guide as a church to equip you to experience the power of prayer daily.

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