Practical Evangelism

March 2, 2016 PBC, Stand Alone 0 Comments
Many of us think of evangelism in only one sense: sharing the gospel with someone in a pointed conversation. While this is absolutely evangelism, it seems daunting for most so they never give it a shot. With that in mind, here are some practical ways to begin.

1) Mention that you go to church. As you talk about your schedule, your week, what you did over the weekend
2) Redeem hobbies: If you bake, drop cookies off to a neighbor. If you like watching sports, meet up with others to watch a game together. If you play trivia or board games, invite co-workers or classmates to form a team. 
3) Invite someone to church
4) If they come to church ask them, “What did you think?”, “Did it make sense?”
5) If they say no, ask them if they have been around the church much or if they grew up going to church. Was it a
positive or negative experience? Why?
6) Ask someone what they’re reading. Share what you are reading.
7) Ask someone what role God or church has played in their life?
8) Ask someone what comes to mind when they hear, “Jesus” or “Christianity”.
9) Share how your faith in Jesus sustained you through a difficult time. 
10) Talk about some of the difficulties in our world and how it ultimately reveals our sin and need for God.
11) Go for a hike and talk about how crazy it is that there are mountains and blue skies all over PHX. “How did it all end up like this?”
12) Invite someone to study a short book about the life of Jesus or the Gospel of John once a week over coffee to learn for themselves
– Pastor Tim Birdwell