The Mission Of PBC

September 7, 2017 PBC 0 Comments

Every church essentially has (or should have) the same mission: “Making Disciples Of Jesus”. This comes from Matthew 28 and the great commission given to us by Jesus to make disciples of all nations. Now, churches often have their own way of articulating this mission, and we’re no different.

Here’s how we articulate the mission of PBC:

  • Love Jesus
  • Live Like Jesus
  • Lead Others To Jesus

The shortened way we say this is “Love Moves”. So we say it a lot, have it on the website, and throw it on t-shirts, but what does this actually look like? Here’s a brief explanation:

  • Disciples love Jesus because they deeply know and believe his person and work. They not only know and believe Jesus, but commit to a lifetime of following Jesus, learning from Jesus, and abiding in Jesus. As they abide in and grow in love for Jesus, they begin to worship the Father, and walk in the power of the Spirit.
  • Disciples live like Jesus as they learn how to turn from sin and walk in His righteousness by the power of the Spirit. They aren’t merely concerned with the way TO the kingdom, but the way OF the kingdom (i.e. the 8 beatitudes, the fruit of the Spirit, personal and social righteousness, praying for the sick, serving the broken, teaching the grace and truth of the gospel through every situation)
  • Disciples lead others to Jesus as they invite others to love and live like Jesus. They realize they are spiritually bankrupt (poor in Spirit) without Jesus and this leads them to proclaim truth and practice mercy to others who are in the same boat. They declare and demonstrate the way TO the kingdom (salvation, belief/repentance), as well as the way OF the kingdom (humility, righteousness, and love/peace).

Ultimately, we desire to see every believer in Jesus live as a “disciple” of Jesus and help make other “disciples”. We believe there is no greater calling in life and no greater mission for the church.